Privacy Policy

Militaryflightsim offers their full range of services to all pilots subject to the pilot's acceptance

a) Militaryflightsim is committed to protecting your privacy and compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and its relevant subordinate legislation when handling any personal information. Subject to the provisions of this policy we will treat any information we obtain about you arising from your use of the Militaryflightsim website as confidential.

b) Use by you of the Militaryflightsim website constitutes an acceptance of this policy which forms part of the use of the Militaryflightsim website.

c) This Privacy Policy only extends to this website and does not extend to your use of, provision to and collection of any data on any website to which you may link by using the hypertext links within the Militaryflightsim site.

d) We collect information when you use the Militaryflightsim website , when you register and log in, and when you respond to requests to submit personal information about yourself in order to collate data about our users which assists us in the future development of our website and services.

e) When you visit our website we issue a cookie or unique code that allows us to identify your computer. A cookie is used to note the different areas of the services recently accessed through your computer - this can only be done in relation to this website service and not in relation to any other sites you visit. Information collected this way is used to ensure that our website is both interesting and relevant and to develop and manage our online services. Cookies in themselves do not identify the individual user, just the computer used.

f) We will ensure that all personal information supplied is held securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and its relevant subordinate legislation and we will comply with the principles set out in that Act. When you supply any personal information to us we will meet our legal obligations towards you in the way that we deal with that information. In accordance with the data protection principles we have to collect the information fairly and to let you know how we will use it (see paragraph d) and whether we will pass the information on to anyone else. We DO NOT currently supply your personal information to third parties and WILL NOT do so except with your prior consent or where required by law. We will ensure that any information will be held only as long as is necessary to ensure that our service runs smoothly. We use up to date industry procedures to keep personal data safe and secure as possible and to protect against loss, unauthorized disclosure or access.

g) We may edit this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make any substantial change we will notify you by posting a prominent announcement on the Militaryflightsim forum page under the heading "Changes to the Privacy Policy".

We have a saying here at Militaryflightsim, fly quality over quantity.