Meet the team

Andy Ambrose, 30years + PPL and IR(r) as much time flight simming since flying wire coat hangers in FS1. - The Boss.

Grahame Radford, ex Royal Navy pilot, - The Silver Fox.

Mike Ingram, another long standing PPL holder and IT guy - Warm Beer Cold Food No Sausage.

Bob Guest, ex RAF pilot, flew the nuclear deterrent in the 60’s, Dr Strangelove - Pirate 1.

Ken Lussey, Author and lover of all things Scottish - Watch your Six.

Paul Cooper, qualified Aeronautical engineer- he fixes what the pilots break. - Coops.

Mark Weeble, International Man of Mystery, ex RAF Air Traffic Controller. - Weebs.

Roy Holmes, ex RAF pilot Phantom and Hunter- lives across the pond.

Ian ‘Matt’ Munro, - can’t sing for toffee but loves fixing anything electronic - Fixit.

Andrew Ambrose



Website Admin

Bob Guest

Mission Planning Lead


Responsible for Multiplayer Mission Creation

Mike Ingram


Admin Officer

Ken Lussey

Forum Admin


Forum Admin and Friday Fun Night Lead

Mark Weeble

Rotary Lead


Dual Role of Logistics and Rotary Operations

Roy Holmes

OC Blackjacks


Blackjacks Aerobatics Team Lead

Paul Cooper

Red Team Lead


Red Team Leader

Grahame Radford

Naval Ops


Responsible for Naval Operations